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Our Secret for Training Office Staff

It is normal for general contractors to have an internal family fued behind closed doors (sometimes in the open!). Office and field personnel often butt heads and simply cannot understand each others stresses, workloads, job roles and the importance of each role when delivering a project for a client. After a while eventually the fake smiles and pretending “everything is A OK :)” becomes very obvious and makes it uncomfortable for everyone.


Below is a snippet of nearly every GC’s office:

Field: You under quoted this!

Office: You are working too slow! If we quoted any higher, we wouldn’t have the work.

Field: The plans don’t match whats out here!

Office: Just do what the client wants! 

Field: Then it will take longer/cost more than what you expected!


A major hidden cost, arises from lack of team chemistry. If both field and office staff do not have synergy, a project will fall flat with a lot of anger, sadness and resentment.

DBM’s Onboarding Secret

Rather than blame politicians and rap music for the way things are. Our simple strategy has boosted team morale, broken down job role silos, attracted high quality staff whilst increasing profit margins on every project.


10-Day Field Experience – Whether an office employee answers phones or is an executive manager. We require all new employees to spend at least 10 days onsite with our field team. We encourage picking up a paint brush or assisting with any site related documentation duties. Without walking a day your colleagues shoes, you will never understand their role within the organization.

” In 1962, President John F. Kennedy visited NASA for the first time. During his tour of the facility, he met a janitor who was carrying a broom down the hallway. The President then casually asked the janitor what he did for NASA, and the janitor replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

Every person in a general contractor firm has a role to play to bring an idea to reality. It is imperative staff have a wide lens vision when experiencing a site related concern.


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