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Benefits of Plants in the Office

A number of scientific studies have found many benefits of having plants in the office. 

It is unnatural for humans to be in a concrete box or an office with no connection to the outside environment. Unfortunately, most businesses do not take this into account when setting up a workspace.

Studies have proven a positive outcome by adding greenery and plants to the workplace. We have listed a few below. 

1) Reduction in Stress
University of Technology (Sydney) completed a study to find a noticeable reduction in stress among employees when plants were placed in their existing work area. Results included a 38% reduction in fatigue, 44% decrease in staff hostility, 58% reduction in depression and 37% drop in reported anxiety and tension.

The use of green painted walls and other colors that remind us of nature, has shown staff to feel relaxed and calm in their workspace.

2) Productivity Increases
A 2014 study from the University of Exeter found that adding just one plant every 10 sqft improved memory retention and higher results in a basic aptitude test. Another similar study, found an increase of productivity by 15% by adding office desk plants to workstations. 

In 2015, the Human Spaces report found that 2/3 offices did not have any plants in the workplace. Results also found a direct correlation of a reduction in sick days, lower skin irritation and allergy complaints by the presence of plants in the workplace.

3) Attracting Talent
An alarming 50% of employees do not receive natural light in their workplace and would result in a lack of Vitamin D. The addition of plants increases the “natural” feel of an environment and is a direct influence for new job applicants in taking a role. A study in 2015 found that 1 out of 3 job applicants accepted a role based on the office design they would be working in.
4) Clean Air Supply

Indoor plants remove chemicals in the air such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene making it easier for staff to have fresh air. The reduction of CO2 levels in the office will have direct impact of the health of employees and increase overall performance. 

5) Reduction in Noise
Plants in the workplace help with acoustics and drowning the noise pollution created by employees daily activities. Office designs with large pot plants on corners of the room are a great and economic solution to dampen the sounds bouncing and created ‘panging’ sounds that can cause irritation and anxiety to employees.


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